Greek Island of Euboea

The island of Evia is one of the closest to Athens and yet it is one of the most unknown. That is because Evia is so large that there is much to know about it. Second in size to Crete, it stretches from the tip of the Pelion Peninsula all the way south to the coast of Attika. It’s southern tip is just a short distance from the Cycladic islands of Andros and Kea though unfortunately there is no ferry connection. If there were, more tourists would come here. As it is, because it is so close to the mainland that you can drive to it, Evia has been and remains a popular summer holiday destination for Greeks and Greek-Americans, Canadians, Australians and others whose families originally came from the island.

Euboea – 2 Days-408km trip

Motorcycle (Vstrom 650-Transalp 650-Transalp 700-Versys 650 (2 persons) 200€
Mini Van (Fiat Doblo (6 persons) 300€
Van (Mercedes Vito (8 persons) 500€

Tour Details

1st. Day
Start From our office at 9am
87km from Athens – 1h driving

Chalcis (/ˈkælsɪs/;[3] Ancient Greek & Katharevousa: Χαλκίς, Chalkís) or Chalkida(Modern Greek: Χαλκίδα, [xalˈciða]) is the chief town of the island of Euboea in Greece, situated on the Euripus Strait at its narrowest point. The name is preserved from antiquityand is derived from the Greek χαλκός (copper, bronze), though there is no trace of any mines in the area.[4] In the late Middle Ages, it was known as Negropont(e), an Italian name that has also been applied to the entire island of Euboea.

30 Minutes stop
102km from Chalkida – 2 hours driving

Aidipsos (Greek: Αιδηψός, Greek pronunciation: [eðiˈpsos]) is a village and a former municipality in Euboea, Greece. The municipality Aidipsos was founded in 1997 by the merger of the municipality Loutra Aidipsou with the communities Agios and Gialtra.[2] Since the 2011 local government reform it is part of the municipality Istiaia-Aidipsos, of which it is a municipal unit.[3] The municipal unit has an area of 115.461 km2.[4] 80 of Greece’s 752 hot springs are located in Aidipsos, making it a popular tourist destination.[5] The spas date back more than 20,000 years.[6] In 2011 the population was 6,141. Many famous personalities have visited the town so far, such as Lucius Cornelius Sulla, Sir Winston Churchill, Eleutherios Venizelos, Theodoros Deligiannis, Georgios Theotokis, Ioannis Kondilakis, Archbishop of Athens Theocletus I, Aristotelis Onassis, Maria Callas, Kostis Palamas, Marika Kotopouli and others. Within the modern borders of the municipal units are the remains of ancient town of Aedepsus.

30 minutes stop

22km from Loutra – 30m driving – swimming/lunch
30 Minutes stop
42km 50m driving

The Saint John was born in Russia in 1690. Then was king Peter the Great. In 1711 war broke out with Turkey, which fought and Saint John. The Saint was captured and became a Turkish slave, who carried him to his homeland, in Prokopi in Asia Minor. Saint accept the unbearable oppression and humiliation of the Turks, who were trying to make him change his faith. Virtuous behavior made him master sympathize with him and leave him free to carry out religious duties. The work was assigned was stavlisma and care of the animals, he performed with love and willingness. At 40 years of age he fell seriously ill and died. On 27 May 1730 was the ceremony of the burial. The master gave him the freedom to Christians to bury him Christian. He was buried in the church of St. George and the holy relic went into a marble urn. But 1832 the relic was cast out of the shrine in the wood pile to be burned by the soldiers of the Turkish Chatkeral Oglu Osman Pasha, who had robbed the entire temple of the tributes. But the relics remained intact. This frightened the Turks removed and the body of the saint was placed back into the urn. The miracles that take place in a shrine that houses the remains of the saint are known and many people unrelated religion resorting to heal. In the space created a large shrine that stands in Central Cappadocia until 1924. During the exchange of populations in 1924, the Christian inhabitants of Procopius Asia Minor, took with them the relics of the saint and carried to their new home in Evia. The sacred relic was moved to Euboea in October 1924 with the ship “Vasilios Destounis”. In 1930 he founded majestic temple in honor of the saint, which was completed in 1951.

30 Minutes stop

153km from Vasilika -3h driving-

The beautiful town of Kymi is built on the eastern part of the prefecture of Evia and it boasts the most important artificial harbour of the prefecture. It is amphitheatrically built in a verdant green environment with plenty of water, surrounded by traditional settlements, caves, forests, and beaches, which create an idyllic landscape.


2nd. Day
Start at 10am -Karystos 90km from Kymi – 1.50h driving-
35km 45m driving-

The ancient town Dystus was mentioned by the 4th century BCE historian Theopompus.[4] It is thought to have been founded by the Dryopians.[5] The site of the ancient town is 38°21′19″N 24°08′43″E. During the 1950s, the power corporation of Greece established a steam power plant close to the lake Dystos at the city of Aliveri. That power plant used lake water for the cooling system.

30 minutes stop


This very famous beach is located on the southwest side of the island, in the area Marmari. But what is it famous for? Waters are deep all year long and streams are strong, something you should take into account and avoid, if you have young children with you. This unique phenomenon, in addition to the strange shapes of the sand along the entire coast, makes this beach so popular. It’s worth a visit!

2 hours FREE Swimming

17km From Karystos – 20m driving

Karystos (Greek: Κάρυστος) or Carystus is a small coastal town on the Greek island of Euboea. It has about 5,000 inhabitants (12,000 in the municipality). It lies 129 km south of Chalkis. From Athens it is accessible by ferry via Marmari from the port of Rafina. Its urban plan was laid out by the renowned Bavarian civil engineer Bierbach, in the middle of the 19th century, near the site of the ancient city of Carystus.

3 hours Free In Town – Lunch

-5pm back to Rafina -by Ferry 2.10h –
-7.10pm rafina -45m driving-
– 8pm arrival at Athens/office


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