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~Driving licenses should be issued one year before the rental date. If the driver is not a resident of the European Union, he is required to bring an international diploma so that he can lawfully drive to Greece (ask us and we can easily help you to apply and receive international driving license in 30′ directly from your phone!).

General instruction about driving licence

Deliveries / Returns of vehicles within the office operation hours (09:00 – 21:00) are free of charge.
Deliveries / Returns of out-of-hours vehicles (from 21:00 to 09:00) are subject to € 15 (fifteen euros).
Deliveries on Saturdays after 18:00 is charged €15 (fifteen euros) extra.
Deliveries on Sundays after 18:00 is charged €15 (fifteen euros) extra.
Deliveries 2 hours later of delivery time would be charged for extra day.
~Insurance coverage provides cover for third party deaths & injuries up to € 1,220,000 and material damage to third parties up to € 1,220,000 – excluding the company vehicle.
No insurance coverage is applicable:
During the transport of the vehicle by ship
If it is found that the driver is under the influence of alcohol or drugs
For damage to the bottom, wheels, tires, tires, mirrors, antenna, crystals and interior
For accidents caused by a driver not registered in the lease
For loss or destruction of a vehicle key
Up to 200cc EXTRA 10€/DAY
Up to 500cc EXTRA 20€/DAY
Up to 800cc EXTRA 25€/DAY
800cc and more EXTRA 40€/DAY
Up to 400cc – 500€
Up to 800cc – 1000€
More than 800cc – 1500€
~The cost of loss in case of theft is covered from full insurance ~ only the excess needs to be paid. The cost of loss or loss of the motorcycle is paid even if the tenant is covered by insurance from his credit card or a third insurance service. In this case, the tenant is obliged to pay the entire cost of the repair or replacement of the motorcycle, which he or she will subsequently claim from his credit card or other insurance provider.
In the event of an accident, the customer is obliged to complete an accident declaration under Article K70 of the Greek legislation.
Deposit for reservations is not refundable.
In order to rent a vehicle, a deposit is required:
100€ for scooters up to 150cc
200€ for vehicles of 200cc
300€ for scooters ~ motorbikes 300cc and all ATVs
400€ for buggy / big size motorcycles more than 500cc
600€ for Honda Crostourer and Yamaha Tracer
1000€ for Ducati Multistrada & BMW 1200
~The deposit will be released with the safe delivery of the vehicle at the same day and will be available at your account within the next 2-15 working days.
With every vehicle rental, only the declared driver is covered by the above insurance. If other drivers are to drive the rented vehicle, a lease contract must be declared at the start of the rental. Required documents are a police ID card or passport and driving license in force.
The fuel is delivered empty and should be returned with the same amount of fuel delivered. Refunds are not refunded or offset for extra fuel in the tank.
It is forbidden to transport the vehicle to any ship. It can only be done after our agreement with an extra cost of 100€.
It is forbidden to drive vehicles on off-road journeys.
It is forbidden to drive the motorcycle and any four-wheel vehicle over (2) persons. In the event that an offender is found (eg 3 people on any two-wheeled or quadricycle) then the vehicle will be returned to the company and there will be no entitlement to damages to the customer until the lease expires.
It is forbidden for scooters 50cc and all ATVs to drive in a range more than 15km from our office (center of Athens).
~If anything happens road assistance doesn’t cover the vehicle.
If a mechanic damage is caused to the scooter
out of the 15km range of the office, the renter should pay for the damage.
It is forbidden for scooters less than 250cc to drive in a range more than 30km from office.
~If anything happens road assistance doesn’t cover the vehicle.
~If a mechanic damage is caused to the scooter out of the 30km range of the office, the renter should pay for the damage.
All our vehicles have GPS connected with our insurance company. Exceeding the speed limit will cause a penalty with 100€ fee each time.

~All our vehicles have GPS. There is a speed limit permission according to the vehicle. The speed limitation is clearly mentioned at the first side of each contract.
~Kindly obey the terms and rules. If a mechanic damage will be caused to the vehicle and the GPS files measure speed limit violations you’ll be charged with the repair cost of the mechanical problem.

~The tenant assumes full responsibility for any road traffic offenses and is liable to pay any debts to the competent authorities. Otherwise, the double amount of the violation will be charged
~The rent can be paid by credit, debit or prepaid card (Visa, Master Card, American Express, Diners ) in cash , Paypal and bank deposit. A deposit is also required in case of prepayment of the entire rent.
~For long time rentals the discounts are valid only for cash payment!!!
~If invoice needed vat 24% is not included at the total price.